Solar Power

In The Gambia the sun shines most days of the year, so why waste its energy? Solar electricity (Photovoltaic's) and solar water heating are two of the ways of harnessing that energy - and saving money in the long term.

Whatever your requirements Global Energy has an answer and will guide you through every step of the way, from sizing and design to installation and operation. We use the latest computer technology to ensure the correct size of inverter, solar panels and batteries and can supply the best quality equipment sourced in Europe - all with manufacturer’s warranty and fitted to the highest standards by our engineers.

Contact us for a quote request for: solar panels, batteries, solar controllers, inverters and we will calculate what you need. Prices and availability on request.

Solar system supplying power to the water pump on a banana farm in Fatoto in 2008. They never had a better harvest!
Solar energy supplied at the St. Vitus clinic in Bakadaji, sponsored bij the Dutch Foundation Humanitarian Aid Gambia throught Stichting Humanitaire Hulp Gambia.